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playing with my food

(busy busy day, but ths sums up why!!! ) enjoy

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Hello fellow writers, publishers, readers and people who click on random posts.

Nothing too exciting going on today, I am still writing a miniseries for a friend of mine, he likes my writing even if I have NO clue how to actually write a script, but that, he said, is a detail.

I also used my Uberfan (ie the only other person that has read my book and fell in love with it) as a test. In the current book, I had the protagonist go buy “Something” from an adult store [IE Sex Shop] It’s funny because the protagonist knows what she bought, as does the counter clerk, but the reader doesn’t have a clue.

Ok that’s not right the reader has plenty of clues. They know that it was sold in the ‘fetish’ section. The know that the protagonist bought 2 of them. They know its in a box…

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