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Recycling Sucks!!

Good morning fellow miscreants. (or as close to good as it can be when you have a ‘writing hangover’)

For those of you that care, last night I spent a good amount of time watching some TV and writing on my project.

For those of you that don’t care, I did the exact same thing, but for some reason your still reading about it.

While I am not an ‘environmentalist’ per say, I do sort my cans and glass. Don’t really do that with paper, I don’t use that much of it anyway.

This effort may or may not get me a pass for the afterlife, but having said that there are somethings we need to NOT recycle.

The list of one use items, in my humble but complete right opinion, that we should pass laws preventing any form of recycling:

1) Toilet Paper
2) Beer
3) Classic Movie Props.

If you want to debate numbers 1 & 2: don’t it’s too early and I don’t have the energy or gag reflex for that. if you want to talk about number 3, I submit that Dr WHo episode 2 of season 7 (the reboot X I lost count)I like Dr WHo, it’s the only thing on TV that is older than I am! its been on the air since 1964 and while it has gone thru quality fluctuations, over all it has been a good show. But a couple of weeks ago the episode “Dinosaurs in Space” had 2 ‘psychotic humorous robots’ that were, in fact the ‘space suits’ from the fifth element, with some LED’s attached to ‘change them’

A bad case of recycling. Next they are going to try to reuse darth vader masks or Xwing fighters, or lord knows what other classic to semi-classic TV props. The powers that make these decisions need to realize that SiFi Fans are FANS, not just couch potatoes. save your recycling for lesser media!

that’s my Sunday morning Pre-caffeine rant!

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