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WTF part 2.

Dear miscreants, this post is actually for the forces in the universe are having so much fun at my expense.

I don’t have a lot of interviewing skills. Let face it I have been on more first dates then I have interviews. But todays interview has left me confused by what you are planning next.

It started easily enough, went out to the car with 90 minutes to make a 30 minute drive. But because I have not moved my car since Monday (or left the house or changed clothing) the snow on it has done the melt cycle. For those of you who live in states where mother nature doesn’t need her medication this is where the snow softens during the sunny day then freezes at night. The result after 3 days is ICE thick, nonnegotiable ICE. The only way to get it off is to 1 turn on the car and crank the defroster and 2 scrape. During the scraping phase, I tore my driver’s side windshield wiper, and after spending a minute trying to reverse then discovered that my wipers are different sizes.

So I was able to drive to the interview with a car that has no wipers, and was able to keep the window clear enough to see out of.

The interview itself was interesting. Took a techie quiz scored 9/10 and made an impression. Not sure if it was my humor, my stunning good looks or the fact that my ex-boss chose that moment to call and tell me about the terms for my temp job next week. I had to make some changes to that agreement, and while that was neither the time nor place to negotiate, that’s exactly what I did.

I have another interview with this company tomorrow. I was given the grand tour and I suspect I will have an offer from them by Monday morning.

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One response to “WTF part 2.

  1. That’s fabulous news! Congrats 🙂

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