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A Fish out of Vodka

Good morning Fellow Miscreants. Today to both break my routine (the new one in applications all morning, get depressed about not working and write my stories and book.) I decided to volunteer for the local Science Fiction Festival.

It’s been an eye-opening experience, and lets me to wonder if I am only a fan of science fiction. Not a FANATIC OMG fan. I got her at 6 am to help set up, and the number of people already here in costume makes me question my own insanity!

There are several lessons to be learned here and they can be translated somehow, maybe by those smarter than I, or drunker, or snakier (wait, is any of that even possible?)

1. Dress as a generic character. 2 storm trooper or red shirts next to each other, no matter how varied in quality their costumes are can get along. 2 Luke Skywalker’s or a pair of Batman’s and your costume is automatically compared to the others. No one every wins in those contests.

2. Don’t have an accessory you have to carry around all day. Someone took Captain America’s shield (a solid aluminum disk with a killer paint job) because he put it down, Batman thinks he saw it and is pursuing it. Not sure if this is sad or funny, or in the gap between.

If you happen to be a psycho like me, never answer the question “great costume, who are you supposed to be?” I could have behaved and said “RBDavis, Move!” letting my annoyance out, but instead I told them “I’m Jeff from the Jamie Ryder series”.

Don’t know that reference? You shouldn’t it’s from the book that I wrote and am just now starting to do the publish thing on. In other words except for me and a couple of others, no one should get that reference. Needless to say when the Fanatics OMG (these people need medication) started to debate if my costume was off it took all my will not to laugh. No one wanted to admit they had no clue what I was talking about, it apparently is forbidden to not know a reference from another fan. I am tapped into the wireless router here, and watching there have been at least 3 google searches for my reference. makes me wish I had put up the web site already!

I honestly feel like a fish out of Vodka today.

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One response to “A Fish out of Vodka

  1. I think the last time I dressed up for any occasion was when I dressed as my boss for Halloween when I was 17. He was a psycho cokehead, but he actually thought it was great.

    In Baltimore, there’s somewhere around 6 fan festivals a year that involve people dressing up in costumes and traipsing around town. I love seeing them on the streets b/c A) It’s great to see young girls dressed in freaky slutty costumes (and if you hooked up w/ one who turned out to be jailbait, you could say, “But your honor, her character is 600 years old!” and B) Seeing the fans makes me feel cool.

    The only comparable thing I’ve ever participated in is Phish concerts (about 15). The only real preparation involved is not showering and getting high. And try to keep up with the frenetic dancers like myself, rather than just standing there bobbing your head.

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