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Flea Dip & Chips

Hello all. Taking a page from past experiences and sharing with all of you today. There is a right way to give a cat (or cats) a flea bath – this is not it.

Due to a long string of sorry mistakes, I had 8 cats at this moment (2 were mine, one was an adult street cat my daughter adopted and 5 were the kittens we didn’t know the street cat had when we brought her in [her last litter I will point out]

Shortly after we got tags for the street cat and a few weeks after she delivered her kittens (ugg) we noticed that the cats were all itching all the time. Granted it’s hard to spot psychotic behavior in a cat, after all they are cats! but the itching we were finally able to figure out.

A quick trip to the Vet confirmed my worse fear. One of the cats had brought fleas into the house, and like the mice Momma cat so diligently caught and tortured, one of the cats had shared the fleas with the house.

So I put flea collars on them. This was several years ago, and the collars said they needed to be worn a week for full effect.
The momma cat, hated collars, and tags and humans in general (other than my daughter for some reason) and refused to wear hers. I would find her collars hanging in trees, hanging on wrought iron furniture, any place she could snag it and pull her head free.

My oldest cat started to lose hair, and I rushed her to the vet to discover she was allergic to the flea collar.

The vet gave her a flea dip for free, and told me I needed to do the same to the others (at 45.00 a pop). I couldn’t afford this, so I instead decided that I would use the flea shampoo and give them a DIY flea bath.

The plan: when I got home, I gathered all of the cats (other than the old one that had been ‘dipped’ and put them into the bathtub. Being that I am 6’2 I can stand on the toilet and use the shower sprayer, get them all wet, then spray them with the shampoo, then one at a time I can bring them out rub it in and get them cleaned, use the comb thing and put them back in the tub. Then a final rinse and everyone is going to be happy, or should I say I will be happy, they will be flea free and I can deal with the ‘how to make momma cat wear a collar’

The plan started out just fine, all the furies in the tub together, momma looking for an escape (she knew something was going to happen) but no problems, till I turned on the water, Momma cat got wet, then got mad. As I poured down the flea shampoo, I knew when I went to grab Momma I was going to get an arm full of claws.

She had better plans, in a show of athleticism that I still am impressed by she launched up and caught towel bar with her front paws, pulled herself up soaking wet and put her back paws on it, then launched off of the towel bar straight at my face – claws extended.

Of course being that I don’t want to get killed by a psycho flying furball I dodged, lost my balance and started to fall. Grabbing the other towel bar (the one on the outside of the sliding doors) and while it slowed my fall from fatal to “<explitive deleted> Ouch” if also released all of the now soaked and semi soaped cats from their watery prison

So on the floor, covered in pissed off semi soaped Cats. I thought the ordeal was over, Momma cat sitting on top of the sink glaring at me for making such an attempt and promising death and further destruction should I even consider getting up. The stalemate ended when the kids opened the door apparently all of the loud crashes and expletives piqued their curiosity) and all the furies bolted from the room. It took me several hours to gather them all up, one at a time, and to complete the ‘dipping’ process.

While all but Momma cat got their flee baths, as it turned out Momma cat didn’t have fleas, she wasn’t the source. It had to have been the other cat I had (the only other one that was allowed outside.)

And as a final insult, during my ‘fall’ and pull on the door I ruined it, so I ended up having to replace it, for 500.

I am just glad I didn’t save money this all the time, I couldn’t have afforded it.

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3 responses to “Flea Dip & Chips

  1. I’m definitely going to stick to being a dog person after reading this one. Cats and I don’t get along in the first place.

    • rbdavis5

      One thing I do miss about Mama cat – there was not a mouse, squirrel or bird anywhere in the entire cul-de-sac. That and she hated cat food, (explains all the missing rodents) She once brought home a duck for dinner. And before you start typing I have NO idea how she was able to catch and kill a duck!

      • I can only imagine. My cousins had a cat that caught wild birds and they lived on 40 acres of forestland. That cat brought home everything, including a blue jay that it put in the bathroom as gift. Problem was the blue jay wasn’t dead and my aunt was already in the shower by the time she heard the flapping wings.

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