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Monday, I tried.

Good afternoon to all my fellow miscreants. My first day of work at the contract job was today. Over all interesting experience, I love running down problems on a system that I am learning as I go (NOT), but that’s my specialty as well.

I was worried about the drive to Boulder. This is about twice as far from home, but because it’s all highways, the drive is less stressful, resulting in my normal snarkyness being kept in check.

Of course I drove my beloved convertible, and while I watched the snow, that was not due until tonight fall. I couldn’t help but realize Monday was reminding me that while it was playing ‘nice’ it was still going to be a PITA.

I also got a call back for a third interview. I think I am going to land this job. But that maybe in spite of the entire universe’ games. For you see my fellow miscreants, I got the call back while I was driving home in a car with no windshield wipers. So in the middle of a stressful drive, in a car that is blind, in a storm that I have no business being in, I get a call to set a schedule for another interview (my third with this company). And thirty minutes after that call, the weather broke, and things were just fine.

So I tried to be friends with Monday, but that’s like trying to be friends with your Ex. It just ain’t gonna happen.

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One response to “Monday, I tried.

  1. Big congrats on the third interview.

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