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How to eat healthy.

Hello my fellow miscreants. Today I have figured out some healthy eating that I should share with all of you.

The scene started out like more mornings when I discovered that we had no breakfast food around the house. Because we have a teenaged son, this is far from a surprise. He is a picky eater. He will only eat things are food, or look like they could be food, or may have been food at some point, or could become food with some work. Very discerning pallet this one has.

So to feed myself I found myself standing in line waiting to purchase something that would pass as breakfast when the ‘person’ in front of me started to ask several questions. Things like “is this organic? do you have anything that’s certified organic” “Do you know when these arrived ? Have they been here long” and of course my favorite “do you have any nutritional information about this?”(Holding up a food item)

All of these questions brought me to the conclusion that me and my miscreant army need to share with the world

“If you want to eat healthy, DON’T BUY YOUR FOOD FROM A GAS STATION!”

The local we were in should have answered all those questions. Fact is the only ‘organic’ thing there was the mold on the hot dog buns. The fruit arrived sometime around Christmas, and the nutritional information for the ‘food item is’ “Don’t eat it unless you want a diabetic coma or a massive sugar high”

Seriously, I know I am in Boulder, but there are some universal truths. Gas station ‘food’ is more or less various forms of processed cardboard deep-fried and coated to make it pass as palatable. Perfect if you’re a long haul trucker or on a road trip, or desperate for a quick breakfast, but otherwise…..

So why is it that such an obvious conclusion needs to be shared & spread

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