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Translating Omens

Hello my fellow Miscreants, today’s post is philosophical. (or as close as I can get when this sober)

Do we believe in omens? Are there some signs from god/the universe that you have to accept are messages?

My answer to this is, yes. Some of the omens are unmistakable. For instance if you are at the bar and you look at your shoes and see your last meal, it’s an omen you need to stop drinking for the night. Or if you are on the side of the road, and you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, it means you should have slowed down.

Then there are the less obvious one, like seeing a black bird on your car. Does this mean ill fortune for you, or did a bus squish a squirrel and the bird is perched to get this road kill main course.

My omen that has me wondering all of this? During today’s interview I got a question that I honestly didn’t know how to answer.

I am used to ‘silly’ questions during interviews, things like “where do you see yourself in 10 years” or “Why do you like the tech field” or “what do you think should be different in the tech field”,“what’s your favorite color?” and of course the follow-up “why is X your favorite color”

Today’s off setting question “Would you really have hurt that guy?”

I know you have to be scratching your head, so let me fill in some blanks, and hope none of you get to the answer faster than I did.

The interview today was a ‘setup’. The job wasn’t going to happen (25% pay cut and increase in expenses with limited benefits = Pass) but the recruiter that is arranging my big interview requested I go. My strong belief, the woman who interviewed me is going to report back how I did, so he can fine tune my interviewing skills.

The building for this interview is across the street from my old job, allowing me to stop by my 7-eleven and score my doughnut. The trick here is, the lady interviewing me was in line the morning of the infamous “a word is worth a thousand pictures” “” encounter.

I got past the question, and while I am sure I won’t be getting the job (I demanded more $$ then they wanted, and I seriously doubt they are going to meet me at that level)
So the question I deposit, is this a sign from the universe that I 1) need to have a better sense of humor, keep my blogs up to date and let the plan happen or 2) an omen that I need to prepare for ANY Contingency going forward.

How many past sins do I have that can come bite me in the butt? [Oh crap I may be unemployed for a long time]

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