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Job Hunting High Tech.

Interesting note, today I got a call from another recruiter! This one wanted me to do a skype call.  I was at a Job fair, dredging the system looking, and not finding much when the call came in. So I moved out of the area, tried to find a wireless signal. Turns out the hotel has a Pay Per use wireless, and my cell phone was not working well (no 3 G or 4 G signal) .  So being me, I got in the car located another hotel nearby, and drove over there.  Of course there was no parking, but I had a solution for that too.

I got out, opened the hood, and poured my Mt Dew on my radiator and put the bottle (about ½ full) with a hole on it and closed the hood.  The steam & color of fluid dripping off should be enough to convince parking control that I am not illegally parked, but broken down!

I go inside the hotel, find out their wireless is also pay per use, but [thankfully] I have a solid data signal. I make the skype call talk to the recruiter while watching the car waiting for the dreaded parking control to roll by and see thru my ruse.

The only part of the interview that I almost lost it on, when they commented on how calm I was, they were worried I would be somewhat stressed because of the ‘lack of time to prepare’

Stress is for wimps

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

3 responses to “Job Hunting High Tech.

  1. Austin

    I’m impressed by your solution to the parking problem. You should make sure you add that to your resume… 🙂

    • rbdavis5

      if I could find a way to take credit for some of my more ‘unique’ and McGuyver inspired solutions, I would. sadly they come accross on the resume as making me sound insane.
      Still I thank you for the compliment!

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