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Sick again

Hello my miscreants, I am once again recovering from being sick. and this time I know that cause.  The blame is 100 % my wife’s fault.

the problem she has is because she is not a professional writer like me (I consider my self a professional now that I have made $ 1.12 on my first release) so I understand the importance of the order of words and punctuation.  the famous joke about the difference between “Let’s eat Grandma” and “Let’s eat, Grandma”

sadly her command of english is at a lesser point then mine. I mean sure she can do things that I can’t (spell, use punctuation, identify verbs from adverbs) and other fancy things, but she does not know the proper order to put words in.

before I explain I should point out one detail, I am allergic to Onions. I don’t turn funny colors or have my throat swell shut, but my stomach  starts to pound and lets just leave it at, my wife prefers to sleep in the van.  of course despite this reaction, I also love Onions.  It’s a one way relationship.

so she used 2 sentences in the wrong order.

1) ” There is French Onion Dip (one of my favorites) in the Fridge. Don’t touch it”

2) “I’m taking a nap”

so now I have both a pounding stomach, an empty container of Onion Dip, and a headache being caused by a constant audible input, sounding something like “dumb butt I told you not to eat that”

thats not the way I heard it.

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