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My Love of the Four Letter Word.

Greetings my fellow Miscreants. Today while working on my other blog, I found out I have a love for a 4 letter word.

Some history to this discovery: After I got to my contract job (something I am enjoying) I was working on procedures and documentation (ok, not something I love to do, but something I can put up with) I received a call. My unemployment is being contested.

Thank you Monday, now that my weekends are being spent on low-cost pursuits (IE at home watching TV, unable to go up the hills with my Jeep in a quest to see exactly how far I can push it.) Mondays should have less sting.  But that phone call showed that’s was not to be the case.

Mix that with the advice saying “you need to either use your LinkedIn as an author promotion tool or as a job seeking tool” my mood hit a pretty low spot.  The 500.00 in needed repairs to the wife’s van was the final straw for my almost acceptance of Monday.

So I wrote my other blog, in just this frame of mind, then posted it without editing it or showing it to my normal editor.  The result, someone contacted me about the excessive use of a four letter word. I managed to use this word over 32 times; impressive for something that was less than 800 words.

So for all of those that saw that post, I apologize, I failed to realize that my new favorite four letter word was repeated that often.  I also swear that I will avoid using this word at all costs!

I mean nothing sounds stupider then ‘THAT’ punctuating every sentence and paragraph.

Here is the edited version of the blog, enjoy

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

7 responses to “My Love of the Four Letter Word.

  1. I must have missed that word when I read it.

    • rbdavis5

      the ‘long’ version came down completely and was replaced. trust me you didn’t miss anything, or at least nothing THAT was important ! 😀

  2. At least you don’t have to give your ‘that’ issue up completely. I have to put my ‘and’s up for adoption and get over my fear of the ‘said’ monster. LOL

  3. Rats! I gosh darn thought you were talking about profanity. I find myself swearing at church a lot. Yes, because I do volunteer work there of the physical nature, and I get in that talk-like-a-sailor mindset I have when I’m working at blue-collar jobs. Even when I’m just there for a service and not to work.

  4. Too funny. I get stuck with “just”, “still”, and “as well”. Lately I’ve been using “now” more than necessary.
    I think it’s even funnier that they’re not all at the same time. Each chapter varies with a favorite word.
    What’s worse? Seeing the problem and being helpless to stop it.

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