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Research is a pain.

Greeting Fellow Miscreants, sorry about the every other day thing, but between the constant (and annoying hunt) for work as well as forcing myself to leave the house for social things (like my writers group and Jeeping club) I have less time than when I am working. Any of you that are smart enough to figure that one out, feel free to explain!

Also a big thanks to Charles Yallowitz, for his guest blog 2 days ago. If you didn’t check out his book, you should I will post a review here for it later, but for now let’s say he tried something new, and that alone, it the crowed world and crowed Genre is something that deserves a look.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand: Research. Last night, after my writers group, we followed our normal tradition and went to the bar across the street from where we meet. This is done in the spirit of burying the hatchet and to keep our various conversations going. It’s also a chance to score a free drink (sometimes) & try to network.

It was at this bar, while listening to their DJ prove that not just any idiot can spin disks and make music, I noticed an attractive young woman wearing an interesting outfit. It was a form-fitting top with a large oval cut in the back. Large enough to show a completely bare back.

The writer part of my brain wondered what that top would be called, being as I could see my heroine wearing it. The male part of my brain noted that I am completely unaware of any support garment for a female top that didn’t cross the back somewhere. So after watching carefully, and noting (again this is all for research for my book) that when she was moving around, dancing and even shooting pool there was no indication of movement from her chest. I expected to see a show that would remind me of 2 puppies wrestling under a blanket. The complete lack of that, proved there was some support there, but I have no idea what.

So my options were simple, go up and ask; I am sure an opening line like “Hi I’m a writer are you wearing a bra?” would end as badly as I expect. Being as I am typing this without any broken fingers or new bruises. I hope you realize I skipped that option.

So waiting till I was home, and having an inappropriate level of “author juice” in my system, I then proceeded to try to look up and solve this now solid mystery, hoping the internet would provide me an answer. As it turns out if you do a google search for “ladies undergarments” [using a very official sounding term to avoid sounding like a complete Perv] the distraction level is high enough that today I am left with a mystery and an, at best checkered internet browsing history.

So when I get home, I will have to press on, and keep looking at page after page after page trying to find the name of both the mystery top and the support garment that made it possible.

The sacrifices I make as an author for our books & readers. I should be nominated for a prize.

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2 responses to “Research is a pain.

  1. Is it possible that the top had built-in bra cups or maybe it was so tight that they couldn’t move?

  2. LOL! I’ve so had writer moments like that when out in public. Charles already covered the built-in support, but you should probably know there are such things as adhesive bra cups. I’ll leave the Googling to you 🙂

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