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Helping Define Mothers Day.

Greetings my Fellow Miscreants

Today is Mother’s day here in the states.  I was told that today I should get some flowers for mothers everywhere.

What a bad idea! The guy that parked his 8-year-old sport car and somehow took 3 spaces, why would I want to put flowers on his car?  Or the driver that cut you off in the fast lane and went 5 miles per hour slower than you were going ? flowers ? I don’t think so.  The random person that stole my CD collection from the car, they don’t get flowers!!

The good news is the flowers are actually for the biological/spiritual being that helped try to raise you to be an almost decent human being!

Thought I would clarify before I went to go see my own mom, after all I don’t want to come out after lunch and find my car covered with flowers.

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2 responses to “Helping Define Mothers Day.

  1. rumpydog

    Happy Mothers Day to your mom!!!

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