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Just a quick check in

Hello Fellow Miscreants,

Just a quick check in.  Some of you know I am working contract work, and it has been extended 2 more weeks – that’s 2 more weeks of job hunting after work while waiting for Unemployment to kick in.  Frankly I need to get a job, trying to keep this pace up is going to kill me, I am working far to hard for someone who is unemployed.

This morning was also interesting,  around 4:30 am, someone in my house started a chain saw and tossed it into the running disposal!  I know this is what happened, because there is no way that my poor congested wife sized unit could make all that noise!  Frankly it was a double bad thing. the part of my poor miscreant brain that got conscious first started to run with all the headaches I am enjoying now.  From watching a couple of people I really like move away (and likely out of my life) to all the fun of losing the literary contest and getting more rejections! Toss in a side of unemployment, no jeeping and uncertainty, and I guess 4:30 was my new ‘wake up time’

but fear not, I am NOT complaining. just got another extension on my contract, the book trailer is getting ready to shoot, and I have a business plan and someone who can afford to put some money into it. I also have 2 interviews this week!  my Facebook author page is up to  82 likes, and my name is getting out there [and not as a wanted poster]

As for the rest of the tribulations I am dealing with, they are going to make a great story someday

BTW – we are coming up on my 100th blog post, for that I am going to do something special.  I will be sharing my wife sized units favorite story of my misspent youth, it involves alcohol, a trailer park, and the local police department.  the twisted tale of how I was the object of a county-wide man hunt is enjoyable (now) and with no problems around the statute of limitations.  I will be sharing it soon!

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  1. Doug ⋅

    whos moving away

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