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hangover part IVIVVV

Good morning fellow miscreants,

My experiment for going a week without writing is now ½ over, and I have decided this was a stupid thing to try.  Not only is my brain back filling with ideas, but when I’m not writing I have this need to do ‘something’ author related.

This morning I am looking at my computer (which is surrounded by empty beer bottles, as in ‘good thing I didn’t need to drive anywhere quantity’.)  I specifically looked the browser history and the sent emails. Looks like I decided to put my work out to 3 more ‘Traditional Publishers’ and sent to 1 reader.

The reader I am less nervous about, I strongly suspect the review from her will be “it is a good story but it needs editing” with a side of “the editing issues are why the traditional presses are rejecting it”

The Traditional publishers, they will reject because, as the reader above has mentioned it does need some work.  I am also about sure I failed to meet the formatting requirements of one of the publishers, and I also know my cover letter sucks out loud, being as I KNOW I need to revise it but have not done so yet.

So what is the take away for all of this for you my fellow miscreants?  I think we need to get Breathalyzers for our computers.  I know it will make Facebook & twitter and the other social media far less fun, but in the end it will be safer. As for me, I suspect the only way to get past this latest round of stupidity would be to have some beers tonight after “work”. This time with the computer locked!

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  1. rbdavis5

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    why cant I just drunk dial my Ex’s like a normal person ?

  2. The hazards of drunk submitting.

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