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Whose unemployeed ?

Greetings my fellow miscreants,

today I have had the pleasure of dealing with the unemployment office. a fine collection of Pin heads and Idiots, who were smart enough to get hired, and even smarter to know how to make sure the system was stacked so they stay that way.

The first blow came when the unused vacation was counted against me, it’s considered 2 weeks pay.  To make sure you all understand, this means that because I didn’t take any time off in order to try to keep things working, I will be denied unemployment for 2 additional weeks.  I can almost live with that.

Then there is the severance package – another 2 weeks of pay, another 2 weeks that I don’t get to collect. I can live with that.

and of course, for those that are paying attention, I have a contract job that is paying 1/2 what I used to make. but only part-time and limited duration.

so while any of this could be annoying,  there is a trick, a sneaky little trick the government likes to play,  its called “Screw you”

because I am working, even though it is temporary, they will not start the 4 – 6 week review period until I am not working!  Somehow the promise that they are going to pay me when they decide that I was in fact unemployed, and pay any back fees, is less than reassuring.

but wait my fellow miscreants, there is one more layer to this.  because the contract was arranged by the company that let me go, there will be a 2 week delay as the determine if I was in fact laid off, or if the company is trying to lie to them.

so by my calculations, assuming I don’t secure employment I will receive a blast in 2 months enough to cover the late fees and disconnects.

and without being too political, these are the same people who are going to be running health care soon.

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One response to “Whose unemployeed ?

  1. Sounds about right. Dealt with them for a month before I showed up to a meeting where they were going to get me to work. I walked in said ‘fuck you, I published a book two days ago and it’s selling.’ Look on their faces = priceless. Look on security guard that escorted me out, not as priceless.

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