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Guest Post by Robert Davis

a blog for a buddy – one I thought would crack my normal (abnormal?) follower up as well!

Legends of Windemere

The following is a guest blog by Robert Davis of Miscreant Thoughts and Lesser Things.  It is a special anniversary guest blog that he sent to me.

Hello Readers,

I am one of Charles associates, and if you are reading this then one of two things are true:

1)    Charles read this advice to him about how to spend his anniversary and thought it funny enough to put on his blog. 


2)   Charles was in a hurry for content, and failed to notice this was from the self-appointed king of the miscreants and did a blind copy and paste to his blog.

So things an author should not do when taking their spouse to an anniversary dinner and or show.

1)    Don’t invite any of your characters along. All they do is distract you and it’s hard enough to pay attention to the spouse…

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