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(sorry I have been so quiet – but I have had a reason – see below)


I have said, more times than my poor wife sized unit has wanted to hear, that a bureaucracy is a system that is so Fub’rd that no single person could have come up with it.

Any time you have a large company or a government agency, you are guaranteed to have a bureaucracy. Some of the encounters I have had over the last couple of days:

1)    A company I was bidding supplies for rejected my bid (my bid for the temp job I have I should say), because I came in below their budget. I was allowed to resubmit my bid, at a higher rate, but was not allowed to save them money – after the entire budget was set already!

2)    The Government is going to hold 8 weeks of my unemployment. This is Standard Operational procedure.  If I should go do day labor, or freelance computer work they will not pay me at all. So I have to find a way to go 2 months without income

3)    My Unemployment will be shut down every 2 week unless I stop working the contract jobs, I can’t avoid this. So every month I will have to spend an hour & a half of my life on the phone (because you can’t do this on the internet) to keep my claim ‘active’.  The word ‘dis-incentive’ comes to mind.

4)    My jeep failed Emissions, by .01% to get it fixed I have to take it to a shop, but I can’t because the registration is up, and I can get a temp because it hasn’t passed emissions. So now I have to have it towed, but the tow company won’t tow it without a valid registration.

5)    I have to apply for at least 3 jobs a week.  Sadly, if there are no jobs at my skill or pay range, I have to apply for ‘the best possible match’.  Meaning I will be applying for either jobs that Pay what I am worth but I am not qualified for, or for jobs that I am so overqualified for that even if I got hired all it would mean is I was the smartest burger flipper at whatever fast food joint I am stuck with.  (and exaggeration, I don’t have to apply for any job whos’ total weekly pay is less than my unemployment – but still)

6)    My 2 new websites are finally coming up, I couldn’t start working on them until the DNS information had been approved, which means I waited for a phone call because automatic systems can’t confirm the information that the phone call did.  BTW – the 2 questions it asked me over the phone, my full name and my zip code.  I personally think the guy on the phone was just lonely…

So next time any of you hear me talking about “Author Juice”, also known as Beer,  Consider that the above examples have all kicked up in the last 8 days, than wonder why the heck I am sober enough to even write this!


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3 responses to “Bureaucracies

  1. Yikes. I thought the first one was confusing, but it seemed to get worse as the list went on. That truck one sounds like utter bullshit.

    • rbdavis5

      Sorry about the confusion, it’s hard to type coherently about an incoherent problem. And the idea that the company I am temping for won’t get a bid unless I raise my price, so the big company can use all the money they have allocated (as opposed to say, finding a more productive use of that money) is hard to express, especially sober and with your blood pressure spiking!

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