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Fathers Day – Miscreant style.

Today is father’s day. For those of you who are new dads, and are thinking back to mother’s day, the day when you brought your lovely wife breakfast in bed. Today you will see the other side.  Your lovely wife and kids have, by now woke you up and delivered to you an ugly tie and a new tool, along with a list of things you can repair with it.

I once asked my children’s mother about this, about why she gets a day in bed with breakfast, and I have a honey-do list. Like somehow plunging the toilet or snaking the drain are less annoying when you have a new tool to do it with.  Her reply is that we have 2 children, and that she had to carry said children for 18 months, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In other words, it will be 650 years (assuming 8 hour work days) before we are balanced, with some credit for extra time invested.

The good news for everyone, I am wise enough to not even try to argue with that logic.   And now that I have earned down my time, with only 626 years to go,  I thought I should take a moment and tell my spawn “Sorry”

Sorry I never learned to duck when I carried you on my shoulders through the door.  Sorry your mom stopped us from building our home-made rockets out of house hold chemicals. Sorry I didn’t realize the tent was leaking on our trip.    Sorry I woke you all up yelling expletives to get you out of the van    (although in my defense, it was on fire at the time.)

Hope all my fellow Miscreants are doing well, and that the children that you know about have acknowledged your special day.

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4 responses to “Fathers Day – Miscreant style.

  1. Aww now that is not how Fathers Day goes in my house! We always go to see my dad and do exactly what he wants to do- no hidden agenda. The hidden agendas are for average days not for “dad’s” day!

  2. I nominated you for an a “Shine On” award. Go to (6-18) for details.

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