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WTF – anthor break ? well no….

Hello Fellow Miscreants,

Anyone missing me ? I tend to post at least every other day but lately I have been lazy.  I would blame the heat, or sunspots or even consumption of my author juice but the sad truth is, now that I am fully unemployed, I don’t leave the house enough for anyone to annoy me. Not to the level of annoyance to be bloggable.

I do know my former consultant Nuked me on Facebook and is no longer talking to me, no clue why but honestly I can’t worry about things like that. Not blog worthy

I had a ‘rabid fan’ for a few days, until she started to tell me about how her daughter was in a hospital in Nigeria, and wanted to know if I could lend her some money.  Honestly not annoying enough to blog about.

I got a review from an early reader “I don’t like Horror and am strictly PG13, but your writing is solid”  [I gave them the disclaimer, now I have to wonder, what part of “Mature situations, Gore, Gross, Immature humor, Drug and sexual references” made it sound PG 13 ?  still not worthy of a blog…

Went and saw World War Z, and someone should talk about how writers should WRITE. The 2 plot holes were big enough not only to suck in this movie, but the next 2 they show on the screen. I would blog about this, but I already have on

I published my first book, 6 days before I meant to – an interesting story, but that’s more for the writer’s blog then this one.


The good news for everyone, tomorrow I have a full day of running, and delivering a gift, and going to job services, and toss in a trip to the store, I am sure some outstanding member of humanity will ‘inspire me’

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

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