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You have the right not to read!

Hello Fellow miscreants,

As promised after a trip to the unemployment office, the pin head meter pegged at 11 before the needle broke.  I could spend days ranting about this, but the short version is because I missed a week of turning down the money, they reset a waiting period, but they also made an adjustment, the net result it, 2 to 4 weeks with no income before I start to collect my unemployment. (And yes I know last time it was 8 to 9 weeks, don’t ask me how this work, I gave up trying to figure that one out months ago)

I also have received no less than 2 hits about my writing.  My blog needs better editing, and is negative and snarky. And my Rakasha: Legend of the Tiger Demon book was “sick and disturbed, and I shouldn’t publish it.”

Too address these 2 points.   I promise to put 20% of my blog earnings into an editor, so that’s 20, carry the zero = Zero!!  I don’t make anything here, other than friends and soldiers in the miscreant army so this problem is solved.  as for being negative and snarky…. ahhh – anyone want to address that for me? I would think that with a title “Miscreant Thoughts and Lesser Things” you wouldn’t be looking for life affirming messages, but I guess the titles somehow missed the mark.  I do joke about my wife-sized unit a lot, not that I don’t care for her, respect her or what ever else, it’s that in small doses she is funny.  Besides she likes to walk under things like tree branches that knock me on my ass, she has done it enough times I am sure its part of her evil plan to shave 4 inch’s off the top of my head… but that’s another blog.

As for Rakasha, other than the fact I put an adult label on it, and put this disclaimer both on the sales site and in the book – 3rd page in fact.

WARNING – This is a collection of Horror stories. They are gory, gross, have drug and sexual references, mature situations and immature humor. If you are easily offended, this is not your book!

There is also the fact that the first reviewer said

This book is not for the faint of heart but if you enjoy a book filled with exotic adventure, humor and terrifying surprises, this is perfect for you. Rakasha doesn’t only have an addictive bite but an addictive story.

I supposed I could hire dwarves to pimp slap anyone that fails to pass the “do you have any nerves” test but not sure how I would pay them.

Just remember people, with the exceptions of the Constitution and at least some History books – you have the right NOT to read, please feel free to use it.

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3 responses to “You have the right not to read!

  1. Some people simply don’t read the warnings and act insulted when their foolishness catches up to them.

  2. Loved this. Your humor shines.

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