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how did 7 days sneak by?

Hey all,

wow – 7 days since last post ? really – I blame the wife sized unit.  she left me home alone with no adult supervision.

while she has been gone, I have managed to score several interviews (and who knows maybe a job soon) I got more author work done and I scored a week-long contract.

of course I have been so busy with all of that, that my indoor water slide, filled with beer [because my state is under a sever drought at the moment, so I am going to do my part and save water]  has been put on hold 😦

guess I need to work on my priorities

oh and on an additional note I have discovered that if you mix Italian  au-jus in with your Cup of Noodles (because you had some au-jus left over) the result will make even the strongest stomach turn in a counter twisting motion.

I hope to spare any of you the error of trying this unholy concoction – the only good news is I doubt even the raccoon will even want it.

(and last thing, got a comment/message about Rakasha that made me laugh “I never accept oral satisfaction from flesh-eating demons” [Quote from the book – cleaned up a touch for you guys]  they reader said “thanks for the great advice.” )  not sure what to say to that one…

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

3 responses to “how did 7 days sneak by?

  1. That IS important advice. Might save your life one day, ya know.

  2. I’m nauseated just thinking about that combo. Congrats on the interviews.

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