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Rant & Update

Hey all,

Sorry about being so lazy posting, but between trying to find work and trying to spur sales of my book (two things that are not really having any results) I have been busy as anything. I also have been doing freelance computer work and have 6 ‘realities’ that I was fighting, but have concluded I need to deal with. All of which combine to make me a very cranky miscreant.

Having typed all that, there was an article that crossed my path that I thought I would share – the worst possible idea I have ever heard, one that should it be implemented, could kill the eBook world quickly.

Let me start out by saying I sort of like eBooks – I still prefer hard copies of some books, most of the ones I read at least, but eBooks are cheap and some of them I have read, I have little desire to acquire the physical copy. Something about them never crossed that line. eBooks are a low-cost way to discover an author and not sit there thinking “I spend 10,15,20 for THIS?”

Today I read an article about how to make more money on your eBooks – by selling advertising within them. To me this idea strikes me as corrupt as pimping out your own children. I get the idea of ‘have a sponsor’ that could sort of work (not for me, I write fiction, but some of the other works I could see maybe having a sponsor.) but the very notion of “sell a few lines, like a classified” “Embed a promotional video” “Product placement can also be an effective tool” make me physically ill

I get that authors need to find new ways of making money,  the market is crowded, people are reading less, and spending less, but there are limits. while I don’t know where that line is, Advertising with in your book, whoring your story and your plot to include a brand of beer or soda is far over the line.  So far beyond that I don’t even think I can see the other side.

I can promise you this my fellow miscreants, the first eBook that I read that has a soda companies video embedded in it, or an egregious product placement will the last eBook I read. It’s bad enough how we get bombarded daily but that bullshit, I for one am not going to embed it into my books or my blog. I just hope that the rest of the world joins in on that thinking.

I would hate to see eBooks become the next Internet: IE somewhere that is so crowded by advertising and random links, and pop ups and such that the simple joy of reading is lost.

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3 responses to “Rant & Update

  1. Unfortunately, this has already started to happen, to a degree. There’s models of Kindle that give a discount by popping up ads while you’re reading, and some eReader apps for the iPad and Galaxy pull similar stunts. Was only a matter of time before the content creators decided they want their cut and push it to the next level. What’s next? Product placements? Ugh. (The day I pen the line “Parker scratched a match on his boot, lit the Camel in his mouth, and dropped the torched bit of wood into a nearby Coke can” and there are hyperlinks on “Camel” and “Coke” that link to their pages is the day I shoot myself, I think.)

    • rbdavis5

      I will fed my hands to a Rakasha before I every type any sentence like that – I mention bands i personal like sometime, or even tracks, but back linking, and content for pay – SCREW THAT!!!

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