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The End of the Drought

Hey all,

as most of you have noticed ever since my job and I parted back in April, my humor and posts have grown farther and farther in between.

The conversion from Employee to Contractor to Day Time TV Aficionado has been hard on my humor,  and really ranting about the crap they try to put on during the day feels more pointless than normal.  I do admit some questions have come up, like do advertisers really pay to be on this crap they try to pass off before 5 PM daily?   Honestly I would rather watch the wacky way late night TV then the bull droppings they have during the day.  I once thought that the reason women stopped staying home and being home makers was because of a desire to better their families financial situation and/or a preference to be in the professional and working world earlier.  Now I just think it’s because day time TV sucks monkey nuts so hard that they’d rather have to juggle jobs and family then to sit through another TV Judge telling people who should never be allowed to bred ‘that’s not the way things work’

But I digress,  today I am one step closer to returning to the real working world.  This will have an effect on my writing (rather than having all the time to do it but no motivation, I will have all the motivation, but limited time which somehow improves my writing.  if I ever get Dragon Nat speaking for my computer, I will be even more prolific, but that’s problem # 673287 on the list of things…

so cross your fingers my fellow miscreants,  with luck I will be one again sharing the road every morning with an assortment of pin heads, stopping back at my Doughnut shops for my daily doses of contraband, and dealing with a bureaucracy that is mind numbingly stupid, all for a salary that lets me go break my toys and buy new ones…  all of which combine to get this blog back to its 4 times a week pattern!

we can only hope

Oh and BTW – anyone out there buy or read RAKASHA on Amazon yet ? if not – you should!! here is a link, just in case.

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5 responses to “The End of the Drought

  1. Good luck. Haven’t looked at daytime tv in years. I fear what it has become.

  2. That’s why I keep my TV stuck on TNT. Supernatural, Bones and Castle trump any of that normal daytime TV stuff. 😉

  3. Good luck in your job ventures. You need to keep your lovely wife accustomed to the good life 🙂

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