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More Humor from the Universe

Hello my fellow Miscreants,

today the God/the Universe have decided to teach me another lesson, this time in humility.  As many of you know I am working as the editor of record for the Denver area Writers Meetup 1st annual anthology.   tonight, we had our first meeting to discuss the pieces and decide their fate.  8 pieces were up for review,  1 was rejected before review, because the author has dropped communication with us making it impossible to use his piece.  the other 7 pieces were reviewed.  as the editor of record I disallowed my self from voting on the pieces,  I did leave my self the option to override with in very limited parameters the decision of the panel. No one on the panel knows who the author of each piece is, only I do.

There is a point system, and 6 people on the panel.  6 points and the piece is in the anthology.  Anything over 13 points, and your piece is out.  6 to 12 points and the piece can be used, but the author will have to address some specific complaints.

3 of the pieces were rejected, one scoring an impressive 17 (meaning everyone said No and 1 person said maybe)

two pieces scored a 7 and 2 of them got 8’s

1 got a perfect 6.

My Veto power was good enough that the 7 was moved into the accepted range.  the other 7 will need only a very small number of edits, in truth it was suggested that I put both the 7’s through.

so tonight I start the process of personalizing 2 emails to the authors that got the 8, asking them for specific changes and to resubmit.  The other pieces I have to thank they kindly, but tell them that for the moment, the pieces would need far more work then we believe can be done in the time frame.

so where is the humor in this almost laborious setup ?  (and why am I not sending an email to the person that scored the 7?)

the piece that got a 7 is mine…

Needless to say, not only do I get to write 3 emails (2 specific, 1 very generic) but I then get to make the 6 changes to my story and resubmit to a new panel

I once was told that “if Beer is author juice, the tequila is editor Juice”  I am starting to understand what that means.

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