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Another Day at the Fair.

Hello my Fellow Miscreants.

I am still at home watching Day time TV and happy that I don’t own a melon baller, otherwise by now I would have scooped out my eyes, or maybe parts of my brain to avoid any more Day Time TV.  The 2 jobs that both were going to hire me both encountered ‘issues’ one is waiting for a back ground check to complete (believe it or not, my past is clear, or at least officially – if they start to interview my friends and bartenders, that could change, but on paper and with the authorities I am as pure as snow [a statement about the inefficiencies of modern data collection and reporting, but that’s another post altogether]. The other is still sifting out what they are going to do [my salary requirements were more than they wanted to spend, although I am bringing more skills & talents then they thought they could get in one person].

In order to support myself and my bad habits (bonds men are not cheap) I have decided today to get all dressed up and go to a local job fair.  This is always interesting, and I am seeing that job hunting and dating are two things that have been utterly ruined by the internet.  Back in the day when I first started dating, there was no internet. I couldn’t have a joke page, Wikipedia and whatever other page would feed me information to appear more appealing to my selected target. I had to learn all of this in advance, and try to not stare at my targets chest while delivering my pickup lines and banter.  Enter the internet and with multiple tabs, I can feign that I know all about Peruvian banjo music or whatever other obscure interest my target may have. Not that I can test this theory, my wife-sized unit has a strict no dating policy.

Job hunting is about the same way, they can ask me what ever question they want over the internet, and I will answer it fully, completely and correctly – as long as I am sure not to include the requisite Microsoft article number.  Going to a job fair, I must have the answers in my own head and truly know it.  For me, this is a good thing, after 22 years of doing IT I know the answers to almost all the questions.  I have NEVER been eliminated from a Job because of the technical issues, normally its other factors.  At a Job fair, in person, and with my humor in check, I have a good chance of scoring at least two interviews.

I just wish they had a Ferris wheel  or at least some good old-fashioned unhealthy midway food at these things.


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2 responses to “Another Day at the Fair.

  1. Didn’t know they still had job fairs. Good luck.

  2. Still laughing over scooping the eyes out with a melon baller. hahaha

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