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The Fall out from the Fair last Friday

Hello all My Fellow Miscreants,

As many of you know, I am STILL unemployed.  The back ground check required for me to start is still stalled.  Some of you may also recall that Friday I went to a job fair.  The reason for me to go was simple, there was a position I wouldn’t mind doing, the distance being a possible factor, that and because I have to turn in 3 applications a week or they will cut my unemployment.

So with all the planning of “Oh crap, I need to do 2 more this week” I went to a county job fair, not even taking it seriously.   I was bemoaning the fact there wasn’t going to be funnel cakes or a midway.

As it turns out had I been watching closer, I would have noticed a detail, something that god/the universe was trying to tell me.

The County’s job fair, it was not for the county – it was for the county library.   If there is any place that I would want to ply my IT Skills, a library would be in the top 3, maybe right under the strip clubs.   Needless to say I did a last minute adjustment to my attitude, and am thank full I didn’t stop at the bar right across the street first.

The interview was pretty normal, and I sailed through the technical side, and the personality tests.  It was during one of the questions, the fact that I am currently an author came up, and the fact that I am working on a local writer’s anthology, as the editor of record.   The person that was interviewing me, in addition to being on the IT staff is also tasked with trying to do outreach to local authors, and writers.  To grow the library’s collection of Ebooks and start some initiatives about publishing, again to increase the library’s role in literature.

We ended up spending more time talking about those roles and how I could possibly fit into them then we did the job I was after.

I just sent my thank you letter, and included Rakasha 2.0 (yes the new versions is ready it’s going to Pub after I update my blog and do my applications for the week) It is the first time I have ever actually identified my book to a potential employer.  Most times, employers think “if he wants to be an author, he won’t do a good job for us” and I doubt reading my horror book will do anything to enhance their perceptions of my sanity. In this case, that’s 100% wrong, I think the book will have exactly the effect I want the “Oh, he could be a wonderful resource for us as well as fixing out IT and computer issue”

To quote will smith from the movie I Robot “I had a normal day once, it was a Thursday”

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