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There are Worse fates then a Cubical.

Hello my fellow miscreants,

Random thoughts for you all today.   I have been working for almost a full week!  I forgot how little I liked working, but I have not scored a winning lotto ticket, and none of my fans have offered to adopt me yet so if I want to keep eating and not sleep under a bridge I suppose I will have to put up with this.

Today I also received my cubicle assignment.  That’s right, I am back in the world of cloth walls.  It’s so Dilbert-esque that I am expecting to see Wally or a pointed headed boss come in.  as part of my move in, today I get to clean out my cubical.  So far I have found a ton of vendor swag and have decided that next time someone tells you to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, they are probably talking about a cubical (mine or any of the millions of others).  On the bright side, there is one guy whose cubical is next to the bathroom doors, so not only does he have the pleasure of knowing everyone’s bowl cycles, but because it’s a single door, when you walk in or out, the air is pulled from there and lands in the cubical.

If he thinks hard enough about it, and realizes that orders are in fact molecules of the original source small enough to become air born, the horror of that realization would make even a non- germiphobic person spray down their cubical with a 55 gallon drum of disinfectant.

It’s good to be back to work, is it 5 yet ?


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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

One response to “There are Worse fates then a Cubical.

  1. Oh the wonders of a cubicle. No matter how many beautifully landscaped calenders and photos of your family you put around, it will never brighten up completely. Just be glad you’re not near the potty!

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