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My weeks training.

Hello my fellow miscreants,

Well after 2 weeks studying technology from the 90’s and taking a few tests I am now certified to start my new contract job.

This is good news, both because it means I will have income, (Won’t need to make a “will write for food” sign) and because it means no more training review.  Training has been hard. Not the subject (I knew it all long before got this job). It’s the fact that the other 3 people in the class were in junior high when this technology was common.  So while I got these concepts quickly, because back in the day I understood the insanity that was the old tech, before they ‘streamlined things’

I don’t know how many of you dealt with the technology back then, but ‘efficient’ was not a word you could apply.  In fact most times, expletives were more needed.

I have tried to keep a good attitude, I have tried not to roll my eyes, as they others in the class are confused asking “why not just program the system to go from A to X, why do we have to do each painful step” I have tried not to laugh at the questions that show a complete lack of understanding of the basic functions.

I have tried and I have failed – badly!  The only person in the class that now likes me and will talk to me is the teacher and the boss.

Not sure if that is a score, or a fail.

Think I will have to consult the holy twelve pack and either divine the answer, or not care.  Either way.

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2 responses to “My weeks training.

  1. Such is the pain of being more knowledgeable. At least the teacher and boss like you.

  2. In this case, I’d vote for don’t care. If they truly don’t understand at one point or another, they will be coming to you for assistance.

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