Interview with Robert Davis, Author and Miscreant extraordinaire.

another interview – I always enjoy when people not wearing uniforms or holding clipboards interview me! Thanks Kristen!

Kristen Hope Mazzola

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Robert through this very interesting and entertaining interview! I hope that you all enjoy his twisted sense of humor as much as I did!!! I have to say this was truly a fun one for me! 🙂


Do you write under any other names? No – But as many Robert Davis’ are are out I probably should, sadly Joe Kickazz is hard to remember so will have to stay with my real name.

What are you currently working on? I just published my first Novella ‘Rakasha: Legend of the Hindi Tiger Demon’  and I have about 12 more short stories, and 3 novels all in the works (as in ready to have ‘something’ done with them,  I am working on the fourth novel at the moment.

How many (if any) books do you have published and what are their titles? …

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My Frist Free Day

Hello Fellow Miscreants, for those of you pooling your cash to save the .99 cents the book normally cost, now you can pick up a copy for free!

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Hello all,

today I am doing my first free promotion day on Amazon.

if you like horror, this is going to be one of your ‘Must read’ books.

Hope you all pick up a copy and if you like it, please leave a review!


Rakasha Ebook Cover

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How to be a Happy COW (Child of Writer)

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So as some of you noted from comments, I was asked about COW (Child of Writer) this is an even broader subject then POW & WOW so I will start by narrowing it down.  If you are a semi –mature, living on your own, human being (possible with spawn of your own) and your Parental unit suddenly wishes to become a writer, you’re out of luck. I have no advice for you, or at least not in this article.

This is for the small ones.  First of all, congratulations. If your dad is the writer, you are one in a million.  Twenty years ago male writers were not considered adequate breeding stock. The odds of you being conceived, even when adjusted by the level of alcohol your mother drank before meeting your dad, would never creep above the “not really going to happen” level.  Now adays, a writer can hide…

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How to be a good WOW

Hey All -I’ve been in “author land” latly, and between job hunt and editing, haven’t posted much over here, but this is something my fellow miscreants should all enjoy!

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Greetings all, no real news but I have been thinking about something that I find interesting, and decided if I liked it you may (after all you’re reading my blog)

I should note this is less for my readers, most of which are fellow authors like me, and more or your significant other.  They are WOW’s or Widows of Writers.

I know your writer isn’t really dead, but they are in their head, practicing their craft, and putting their stories to paper. They aren’t ignoring you (intentionally) but sometimes, when they are in the zone there is little attention left for you.

How to tell you’ve become a WOW is easy enough, just watch the signs.

The signs are easy to see, one day your loved one started to spend more time in your house library. Another sign being your house has a library.  You have more books in your…

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Guest Post by Robert Davis

a blog for a buddy – one I thought would crack my normal (abnormal?) follower up as well!

Legends of Windemere

The following is a guest blog by Robert Davis of Miscreant Thoughts and Lesser Things.  It is a special anniversary guest blog that he sent to me.

Hello Readers,

I am one of Charles associates, and if you are reading this then one of two things are true:

1)    Charles read this advice to him about how to spend his anniversary and thought it funny enough to put on his blog. 


2)   Charles was in a hurry for content, and failed to notice this was from the self-appointed king of the miscreants and did a blind copy and paste to his blog.

So things an author should not do when taking their spouse to an anniversary dinner and or show.

1)    Don’t invite any of your characters along. All they do is distract you and it’s hard enough to pay attention to the spouse…

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Want to help students enjoy mathematics

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[Paying it forward, this is a kickstarted by a friend of mine, and a very worth while idea. Mixing Math and fiction is an intresting approch]

Layout 1

Want to help students enjoy mathematics?

The story centers around high school senior Matthew “MatheMatt” Forsythe who discovers a strange computer and a secret door in his school. Determined to find out more, he and his friends devise a scheme to crack the code…and find much more than they were expecting. Matt and his friend, Kelsie, stumble upon: a strange teleportal, a mysterious stranger who claims that the world is coming to an end because numbers are missing or dying off, and a grueling mathematics ordeal. Matt and Kelsie try to rescue specific numbers like 8, 61 and 313. However, they quickly realize that they may have made a few mistakes along the way…

Help students enjoy more aspects of mathematics by backing my…

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Demon Cats by RB Davis

a review of my work – puts me in an almost good mood (having to go shovel walks will prevent me from making the final step to the happy place)

Legends of Windemere

This is a short story at about 4 pages and can be downloaded for free at Smashwords where you can get it for multiple platforms.

To get the book for free you need to type in the code: AT42X

Just a disclaimer that I’m throwing in: The author lost his job the day he put this up for publishing.  They events aren’t connected beyond involving the same man, but if you wish to buy the short story for .99 cents, it would help him out until he finds a new job.  If not then there is the free code and please leave a review when you are done, which will cheer him up.  Either one works for him.

Due to it’s length, I can’t go into much detail about it.  This short story does involve a sensitive topic, which is gun control.  Just reading it, I’m sure it will anger…

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playing with my food

(busy busy day, but ths sums up why!!! ) enjoy

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Hello fellow writers, publishers, readers and people who click on random posts.

Nothing too exciting going on today, I am still writing a miniseries for a friend of mine, he likes my writing even if I have NO clue how to actually write a script, but that, he said, is a detail.

I also used my Uberfan (ie the only other person that has read my book and fell in love with it) as a test. In the current book, I had the protagonist go buy “Something” from an adult store [IE Sex Shop] It’s funny because the protagonist knows what she bought, as does the counter clerk, but the reader doesn’t have a clue.

Ok that’s not right the reader has plenty of clues. They know that it was sold in the ‘fetish’ section. The know that the protagonist bought 2 of them. They know its in a box…

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The Joy of Typos

(sorry folks, today this work stuff isn’t going to let me do my normal blogging, mean old boss why not just give me the money and let me do what I want )

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By now most of you know I am a poor speller – to put it mildly. The guy that edits my work often asks if I plan on learning English, but sometimes that is to my advantage.

I was doing Dialog for some of my characters tonight, they gave me like 4 scenes for the plot they are on, and I was in the zone. We all know the zone, where you are jamming your words down so fast that your screen is red, green and blue because WHAT you’re typing is more important than HOW your typing.

so my demon named Ivan was supposed to deliver a line “I have a photographic memory” a cute line that he says to a naked girl (it’s part of the story, don’t ask trust me it’s as legit as anything else I write) but in my hurry to return things to all…

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