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Every time you click ‘Like’, an Author writes a sentence

Greetings my fellow miscreants & a special hello to the followers of my writers blog (yes I’m being lazy and doing one entry for both).

Today’s blog post is of the utmost importance – it involves Facebook, Likes and Beer (never a good combination I know). I have discovered, from minutes of semi research that if I put the words “Facebook” and “Like” together in a sentence begging for you to please do so. Most of the time your eyes will glaze over and you will move to the next dancing kitten video.

I am tempted to say “Every time you click a like, and author writes a sentence” but somehow I suspect my readers & followers want a little more explanation than that.

In truth, Likes for upcoming and Indie authors are important. The reason is because it does a few things.  It is assumed (most of the time) after you hit like, you block the feed. Showing a moral support but not really wanting to hear news updates.  It would, on the surface seem pointless.  But rest assured, the 10 seconds it took for the page to load and for you to tap the like button are valuable.

It shows the publishing world that the author is serious and is out there building a name for themselves. Even if the author is an Indie, the larger their following the more interest there is in their work. It’s a bit like a beauty contest, before the contestants can utter a word and try to show their intelligence, the judges get to see them in a bathing suit. One shouldn’t have anything to do with the other, but hey I didn’t make the system, I just deal with it.

It also gives the author a sense that maybe he can do it: maybe his stories do have a value to others.  Is this false? Maybe, but the 10 second it took to give the compliment to a struggling author could make the difference.

So now the final question – why would I put a fellow author page up before mine?  The simple answer: Beer.  I know a fellow author named Bobbi Kay.  She and I were talking and our follower count was almost equal.  The bet we have now is that she will hit 250 before I do.  The first one of us to do so is honor bound to buy the other some “Author Juice”. She prefers it in a single bottle, usually white, depending on the meal.  My “Author Juice” comes in a six-pack, and if she is buying I get a premium brand, not the swill I can normally afford.  So Please Please Please, click on her Facebook page (below) and give her a like!  Every part of me (except maybe my liver) will thank you.

I would appreciate you clicking this and hitting Like

my liver wants you to hit this and hit like.

or you can stay neutral and hit & like both.

Have a safe weekend all, and thanks!

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12 responses to “Every time you click ‘Like’, an Author writes a sentence

  1. Sounds like a great competition to me. I think all friendly wagers should end with drinking and a good time 🙂 Best of luck with everything.

  2. Think I’m already on yours and now hers. So, I hit like on her page and this blog post. Do I get two sentences?

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    Help our favorite King Miscreant win the contest!

  4. karen ⋅

    Liked you both. here’s to both of your livers and your writing careers! Best of luck!

  5. rbdavis5

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    Friday fun and thoughts for everyone!

  6. “Can I get $17.50?” (that should get me a super-sized martini somewhere or at the very least, a bottle of bottom shelf vodka) Love your post. Love the movie reference. 😉

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